Our Story

 Go Evolution is an American hard/ alternative rock band that was formed in southern N.J. in 2013.
The band was formed by singer Matt Phillips and guitarist Danny Danzi.
 Their unique blend of heavy guitars and modern pop songwriting is new and refreshing!
 Go Evolution`s first studio album " Milestones" was released on 9/9/2014. The first single
"I Am" is steadily gaining airplay on several internet radio stations!
 Phillips is formerly of the 90`s rock band Earth To Bob, while Danzi has enjoyed a career
as a solo artist and producer.
      The Rest Of The Story

 The above bio is great for copy and paste! But, the whole story is a little more in depth.
 As far back as I can remember it was always about the drums for me! If I went anywhere
with my family and there was a band with a drummer, I was totally mesmerized.The drummer
was the star of the band in my mind! I can remember being a little kid and sitting under our
carport at home and just banging away on the concrete with small tree branches, pretending to
be behind my own massive drum kit! And all through school... taking lessons, buying drums, 
selling drums, trading drums, playing drums, marching band, jazz band, symphonic band,
garage bands... you get the idea!
 As I grew older I was able to get around on my own to play drums and go see bands. I spent
years driving around in band vans and band buses and whatever else a band could fit in.
 But even with some moderate success and a lot of great memories the reality of really "making it" 
in the music business seemed like some unobtainable dream. Kinda like holding the winning 
mega million ticket.
 So I stopped!
 For a long time...
 When the idea came about for an Earth To Bob reunion show it inadvertently started a musical
wildfire inside of me. I now knew that I wanted to be involved in the music thing again! But how?...
Just about everyone I knew had family commitments, work commitments, time commitments. In 
other words, they had a life. And I did as well.
 But I still had this desire! I could hear what my band sounded like in my head and even had a 
few song ideas to go with it!
 My only and best option was to just start doing it on my own and worry about the details later. 
I didn`t need anyone else`s opinion. I didn`t need to work around else`s schedule. I didn`t need
to pitch song ideas.[imagine that coming from a drummer] So, I bought a guitar and started writing
songs. I had an old 8 track recorder and started demoing songs. Within a year I had more than
enough songs for a full CD!
 When my old friend Danny offered to record the album with me, it couldn`t have come at a better
time. In the studio I`m an amateur and Danny`s a seasoned professional! The partnership that 
we`ve developed while recording has really taken off and it shows on the end result of "Milestones"!
It`s called "Milestones" because it truly is a milestone in my life!
 A couple of years ago I wouldn`t have thought that I`d be doing music again on this level! And 
certainly not singing and playing guitar! I look forward to more writing and recording and playing 
live as well. The future looks bright!!! 


     Galactic Rule Radio says: "Luv this indie band!"

     Dustin Dellinger of  Gashouse Radio says: "Great song!" [Waves] 

     Matt Barker of The Radio Alternative says: "I really like what I`m hearing!"      
     Pat from Fliktrax says: Every now and then you hear a new Artist that catches you by surprise. Go Evolutionis that artist for us today! What fantastic, well crafted,        catchy rock tunes these are!