Go evolution is an American indie alternative rock band
featuring singer/guitarist Matt Phillips.

New logo! 

 We`ve been wanting to design a new logo for a while now! So, check it out. Now we can move on to the album artwork! That brings us one step closer to album release!

Getting close! 

I feel like I`ve been saying this for a while now! So, I`ll tell you what is actually done at this very moment. All of the songs are written, recorded and mixed. The album is titled Dark Matters. I didn`t actually have a song called dark matters.So, I decided I`d try to write one if I could without forcing it. I tried and it came about pretty easily so, the albums closer is called Darkness Matters. Next is mastering,album artwork and a video. so, this project is moving ever closer to the finish line and is a true test in patience for me! I`m confident it will be worth the wait!

New Music! 

Finally something new for you to listen to! We`re still in the mix process of recording but, we wanted to get something new out if we could. This song is called Rain. It`s a song I wrote about my dad after he passed. If you`ve lost someone close to you, you can probably relate to it. This is an unmastered version. So, the finished one will sound a little more polished. What I did was mute the vocals and sing to the backing tracks. So, these vocals are live [for better or worse]. Hope you like it! We can`t wait till we can let you hear the rest!  

Working on #12! 

We've started recording #12 for the new album! This will probably be the last of this batch. It's called One More Chance and it's about going back in time and missing life when things were simpler. I can't stop tapping my foot to it's groovy beat!


Number 10 is called Are You Out There and no it`s not about getting in touch with aliens or extra terrestrials. It`s about scaling back and getting rid of the clutter in life and then trying to figure out what really matters the most and if it`s actually out there. Yea, really deep LOL! The song sounds awesome and I can`t wait for you to hear it!

Recording update 

We`re recording our 9th new song for the upcoming disc.This one is called 1929. It`s got a great depression kinda theme believe it or not.The other song titles are Harmony, Disconnected, Cry, This Is Now, Superman Tonight, Rain, Bounce Back and Free As The Ocean. We`ve got a couple more to go and then we mix and master. Things sound great. Some songs have taken off in different directions than they started. But, all good.The Fender Rhodes is showing up on a couple of songs,which adds a new texture.Also some synth bass and slide guitar. Can`t wait to let you all listen!!!

Still Recording 

It`s been a hectic summer and recording slowed down a little, but it is still moving forward! We`re finishing a song now called Superman Tonight and hope to start a new one later this week. I`ll keep ya posted! 

Recording update 

We`re still hard at work on our next album! We`ve got about six songs that actually sound like songs now! So, there`s still a lot of work to be done but, progress is being made steadily. We`ll let you know as progress develops! 


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