Go evolution is an American indie alternative rock band
featuring singer/guitarist Matt Phillips.


Congratulations to longtime friends Jeff and Rob of Bishop Riley on the release of their self titled debut album. Check out http://www.eastern-records.com for some great roots rock!


Just in case you need smaller files Milestones is now available in mp3 downloads as well as wav. files!

Now available in more places! 

Milestones is now available in a lot of different places! here are some you can check out today! Apple itunes, Rhapsody, Inprodicon, Amazon MP3, XBox Music,Spotify,Omnifone, Simfy, Google Music Store, Rdio, Muve Music, Slacker Radio, Shazam, Samsung Music Hub, Akazoo, MediaNet, GreatIndieMusic, 7digital, My Space Music, JB Hi Fi, Yandex, Beyond Oblivion, eMusic, Tradebit, Mondia Media and 24-7. Wow!!!

Them Bones 

Happy to have gotten Jerry Cantrell`s permission to use "Them Bones" on our Milestones CD.This version would make Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull proud! Check out track 12!


 I`m sitting in front of a jenga-like pile of cardboard boxes.Each one filled with 
the fresh scent of new plastic.When I unwrap the first CD, it looks just like I 
thought it would in my head. Kinda feels like Christmas morning when I was a 
little kid! A little history first though.
 In early 2010 I started writing and demoing songs with the intention of maybe
writing for someone else or getting a singer to sing them or something along
those lines.Little did I know. But, it would soon become my own band and I 
would be the singer.
 In mid 2012 my good friend Danny offered to help me record one of my songs.
Well, that turned into 12 and now here we are in 2014 and we`re releasing our 
debut album "Milestones" for our band Go Evolution.
 It`s been a true musical evolution for me and a major milestone in my life.
Hence, the album title. Check it out. Hope you enjoy!


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