Go evolution is an American indie alternative rock band
featuring singer/guitarist Matt Phillips.

Recording update 

Vocals,vocals and more vocals! That`s what we`ve been recording lately for our upcoming release. Dogs and cats everywhere beware!

Recording update! 

 Danny and I are hard at work on the follow up to Milestones! There`s a long way to go, but we`re steadily working on basic tracks now. One song in particular called Harmony we`ll be releasing in advance of the album. It should be ready by early 2017 as well as a video for it! We`re excited! More updates to come!

Fliktrax Music Licensing 

We`re happy to announce that we`ve recently been added to The Fliktrax Music Licensing library! Fliktrax licences to film, advertising, web/mobile, podcasts, video games, in store displays and corporate videos!

Recording update! 

We`re still trying to get the ball rolling with our new CD! Many of you probably don`t know. But, I broke my ankle a couple of weeks back. Of course it`s my right ankle too! The one that`s most important to my drumming. Anyway, I`ve got a couple more weeks before I`m able to walk on it. Drumming is an even bigger question! We will start recording next week though regardless. I had hoped to start with the drums. But, there are many other things we can do in the meantime! The downtime has also allowed us to do some other things too! We`ve submitted a lot of music to various music libraries for television and film work. So, we`ll see how that goes! Also, writing more songs! Although we have enough for this CD, you gotta keep looking towards the future! So, we`ll keep you informed of progress as it happens!  -MP


Yea, that`s right! For 3 days [Friday Saturday and Sunday] our debut release "Milestones" will be completely free! We`re trying to build our mailing list up and as a way to show appreciation to our new fans "Milestones" is free with every email sign up. As stated we won`t be sending out a barrage of stuff. Only meaningful stuff from time to time. You can sign up to the right-> Thanks!!!

Banging the drums 

 Very early stages of our next release are beginning to take shape. Most of the songs are written. Soon we`ll be tracking drums. After not playing for a bit, a lot of rust has accumulated. I now need some time for my body to catch up with my brain! So, I`ve been banging away out in the garage for a couple of weeks to prepare myself.            For you gear geeks, I`m also considering switching to a lighter drumstick after years of using these things called Quantum 9000`s which are kinda like mini baseball bats. I`ll let ya know how it goes. Anyway, just updating on a long process that`s just beginning now. Talk soon!


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